Tips for choosing your Makeup Artist for your wedding

1. Decide what makeup style you want before looking for the makeup artist. Already have a vision of what you want your makeup to look like that amazing day––it's time to amass a few ideas so that you can narrow it down to a few choices. Look through books, magazines, or on the internet. Sites such as Pinterest are super helpful.

2. Decide whether you want both your wedding day makeup and hair arranged at the same location. If this is a requirement for you, then conduct a web search for makeup artists and hair stylists in your area. Many bridal makeup artists also provide hair styling and can accommodate this type of request.   If you do need some recommendations for excellent hair stylists, just ask! I have numerous colleagues that I work with regularly. 

3. Ask around and get referrals. Ask your friends, family, coworkers and hairdresser if they can recommend a good makeup artist and if possible, look at the makeup artist’s portfolio to see if you like the artist’s work yourself! If you're having your wedding planned by a wedding planner, ask if they have any makeup artist suggestions, because they should have at least one.

4. Review several makeup artist websites from your chosen area. Look at their portfolio of work and decide if their style of makeup is similar to your own. When looking over the images, check for things such as skin tone matching, attention to detail and if they include any current bridal makeup trend pictures in their portfolio of work. The portfolio is everything!

5. Book a trial makeup appointment with your artist.  This step is very important to ensure you will be confident with your makeup the day of your wedding.  You also want to make sure your and your makeup artists personalities mesh well and that they are able to execute your desired look from your pictures and descriptions.  Book it on a day/evening when you plan on going out. This way you can see how the makeup holds up, looks in photos and well, just have an excuse to go out and celebrate your beauty!

6. Book them immediately if you’re happy with your results. A good makeup artist will often be booked months in advance.  Be prepared for a professional artist to send you a contract to sign and possibly a deposit.

As 2015 comes to a end and a new year is beginning, we all take the time to reflect on the passing year.  For me 2015 was the busiest year yet in my freelance makeup career.  A year filled with many Beautiful Brides and magical Weddings.   Halloween was just as busy doing Creative and Theatrical makeup on numerous clients including the gorgeous staff at Brixton Social in Waterloo, ON.   

This year I received recognition by being nominated for "Best Bridal Makeup Artist" in the Record Readers Awards in the Kitchener Waterloo region and won  Platinum  2nd place.  I was beyond excited!!  Thank you to all the Brides, Clients, Friends and Family who voted for me -you are all so supportive and just the best!!     I absolutely love all aspects of makeup artistry and am so blessed to be able to do what I love!

This first blog is another exciting adventure of 2015 and I hope to begin blogging beauty tricks, hints and product reviews come the new year! 


Thanks for stopping by and Hope to see you in 2016!  :)




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